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I'm glad you found your way here!

Taking that first step can be really difficult, and before you're here there may be areas in life that are leaving you feeling uncertain, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or generally leaving you feeling as if you're not quite 'in step' with those around you, or perhaps a little 'world weary".  I specialise in helping clients find their 'step', to manage the 'overwhelm' and regain their way of being.

Keep reading to see how I can help you...

Not sure if therapy or counselling is for you?  Book an initial 20 minute telephone or video consultation free of charge.

Specialist form of therapy for those seeking an experiential intervention outside the therapy room!

Integrative Therapy

Online or telephone

In person 

1 hour appointments


In person 

Flexible times for busy lifestlyes

Image by Ines Azevedo

Time to see yourself in a different 


Image by Ines Azevedo

If you’re looking for new ways to manage, or would like to feel more fulfilled, connected and at peace with yourself and your relationships, then you’re in the right place. To find out more about me click here.

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