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Initial Consultation
(booked appt

One of the biggest hurdles people face is finding the right therapist, and thats why I offer a free 20 minute telephone or video call, no obligation consultation.  These 20 minutes give an opportunity to 'touch base', ask any questions you have around therapy, discuss briefly the area(s) you would like to work on,  and your hopes and fears of therapy.  

After this first 'meet and greet' if you feel you would like to work with me we can begin working out together what the next steps will be.  

Each initial consultation lasts approximately 20 minutes by telephone or video call.  In order for me to offer this appointment I need to know from you when you are available.  Why?  well, there are a few things to consider "are you in a place where you can talk freely", "is there likely to be interruptions", "how is your network connection".   I do not 'cold call'.


When completing your contact sheet, please let me know if you would like to be contacted by telephone or video call.  I offer a degree of flexibility which is aimed to accommodate busy lifestyles.  Please indicate the times and days that fit your commitments.  After submitting your contact sheet I will be in touch as soon as I can - please check your Spam folder!

20 minute consultation:  FREE

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